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Hendrick Goltzius, Mercurius, 1611

The entire collection of old masters from the Frans Hans Museum can be found here. The collection is comprised of approximately 600 paintings. The earliest paintings date from the 16th century. These are primarily biblical depictions. Around 1590, Haarlem became the center of a new style, Mannerism. Characteristic for this style are masterfully painted figures in contorted poses.

In the 17th century, Haarlem was a powerful and prosperous city and a center of art and culture. The painters of the Golden Age were specialized in scenes of everyday life, also known as genre-paintings: landscapes, group portraits, individual portraits, still lifes and city views. Frans Hals, the most famous Haarlem painter of the Golden Age, specialized in portraits. His paintings are characterized by his very accurate and lively style. The Frans Hals Museum owns five large group portraits of civic guards made by him.


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