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The collection Railways in Pictures on the Memory includes all the photographs, paintings, prints, drawings and posters from the collection of the Railway Museum; a total of approximately 23,500 images.

B. Bueninck, 'Het Centraal-Station te Amsterdam'.

Paintings and drawings
Although the Railway Museum is not an art museum in itself, the collection includes paintings and drawings by reputable artists. As well as famous 19th century painters from the Romantic period and the Hague School including Andreas Schelfhout, Johan ‘Mari’ ten Cate, Wouterus Verschuur and Nicolaas Roosenboom, contemporary artists such Willy Sluiter, Jan Toorop, Herman Heijenbrock, Joop Moesman, and Herman Berseriken are represented.

Also in the field of photography the museum has works by a number of big names, including numerous albumen prints by founders of Dutch photography such as Pieter Oosterhuis, Julius Perger and Johan George Hameter and photographs by distinguished professional photographers such as Bernhard Eilers.
Along with photographs from the NS (Dutch Railways) company archives and numerous other photographs, a broad historical picture is given of all the activities surrounding trains, stations and all manner of other railway subjects.



The posters in this Memory collection are popular eye-catchers that have over the years encouraged travel by train. It is a leading collection with work by famous graphic designers such as A.M. Cassandre, Willy Sluiter, Jan Lavies and Frans Mettes.

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