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'God Save the King' is a song of praises to the ruling lord King William I (king from 1813-1840), his wife and the peace that governed the Netherlands. 'Slabbetjes op het zilver huwelijksfeest (Bibs at the silver wedding anniversary)' is a merry wedding song set to the same melody.

The original song, 'God save King George', originated in the aftermath of an important battle in 1745. Although the song was political in nature, it was sung to a breezy dancing tune. The song became the English national anthem - the first in the world - after changes to the melody had given the song a more devout character.

The melody of 'God save the King' was first transcribed in the Netherlands in 1763. Various parties, including the Orangeists, tried to claim the melody for themselves. It was also deemed appropriate for merrier occasions, such as weddings.

The recording features two different lyrics set to this melody. They are sung a capella by Marc Krone.

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