Broadside ballads > 17. Ik drink de nieuwe most - I drink the new must

 Ik drink de nieuwe mostListen to this song, performed by Nico van der Meel

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A young man drinks the new must (partially unfermented grape juice) together with his sweetheart Isabel. Her mother prevents further heavy petting, upon which the young man continues to order wine for his sweetheart in hopes of better times. Then it turns out that mother is playing a double game and there are no wedding vows to be found in the vat.

Author and composer of this seventeenth-century song are unknown. The oldest source in the collection is a magazine from the Gent-based printer/publisher Van Paemel from the early nineteenth century. Various new lyrics have been written to the tune of this song. These are all narrative songs, mostly about unrequited love and murder.

'Ik drink de nieuwe most' is sung by Nico van der Meel, accompanied by René Meeuws on hurdy-gurdy.

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