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On the doorstep of a house sits a little girl, who is 'leftovers' from home. Her mother has died, her father has remarried, and a stepmother isn't the same thing as a mother. The girl often stands by her mother's grave, which makes the singer weep to see this.

This 1923 song is a true tearjerker. The music was written by Eugénie Bandy, with a lyric by her husband Lou Bandy, whose performance made the song famous. It was later recorded by many others, including De Zangeres Zonder Naam.

Other lyrics to this melody are about disasters, accidents, murders and social suffering.

'Overschotje' ('Leftovers') is sung here by Maarten van Roozendaal, accompanied by Bouke Feleus on accordion, Louis Grijp on guitar and Erik Beijer on double bass.

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