Broadside ballads > 25. Aan de muur van het oude kerkhof - On the wall of the old cemetery

 Aan de muur van het oude kerkhofListen to this song, performed by Bob Fosko

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The little toddler Henk pined away from grief over his dead mother. Why doesn't his father reawaken his mummy? After all, he can do anything. Ultimately, father has to lay him beside his mother in the grave. Only with her, in heaven, can Henk be happy.

This tearjerker from 1930 was made famous as performed by Willy Derby. It was translated from the German song 'An der alten Kirchhofmauer'. The Dutch translation was done by Ferry van Delden and was reprinted dozens of times. Various other lyrics were written to this melody, all of which had sad subjects.

'Aan de muur van 't oude kerkhof' is performed by Bob Fosko, accompanied by Bouke Feleus on accordion.

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