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Het ouderengrafListen to this song, performed by Suze van Grootel

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There's a wonderful spot nearby, the parents' grave, governed by rest and contentedness. The parents' grave is a literal translation of the German song 'Das Elterngrab'. Author and composer are unknown, as is the translator.

The song was hugely popular in the Netherlands around 1900, when various other lyrics were written to this melody as well. In Germany, the song's great sentimentality led to numerous parodies. 'Het ouderengraf' ('The elders' grave') is a different song from Willy Derby's 'Het oudergraf' ('The parent's grave'), although the songs are very similar.

'The elders' grave' is performed here by soprano Suze van Grootel, accompanied by Bouke Feleus on accordion, Erik Beijer on double bass and Grigori Sarolea on violin.

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