Broadside ballads > 29. Dat gaat naar Den Bosch toe (Zoete lieve Gerritje) - Going to Den Bosch (Dear, sweet Gerritje)

Dat gaat naar Den Bosch toeListen to this song, performed by Bob Fosko

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Dear, sweet Gerritje wil go to Den Bosch, and will drink brandy with sugar, to be paid for by 'the first farmer she meets'. The author of 'Zoete lieve Gerritje' is unknown. The song's oldest written appearance is from around 1875, in a collection of round songs. It is usually perceived as a drinking song, and occasionally as a fishing song.

The song is categorized in the song publications as a nostalgic or even old-fashioned song. Several times, it is part of a rhapsody (a song made up of bits and pieces of various other songs), which is always proof of a song's general popularity.

'Dat gaat naar Den Bosch toe' is sung by Bob Fosko, accompanied by Bouke Feleus on accordion, Grigori Sarolea on violin, Louis Grijp on double bass and chorus (Bouke Feleus, Grigori Sarolea, Garrelt Verhoeven, Louis Grijp, Paul Maas).

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