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The sounding and drinking of goblets of wine turns the earth into paradise, with the harmony of love, wine and poetry. This student's drinking song comes from the play Lorbeerbaum und Bettelstab (1833) by Karl von Holtei. Julius Rietz composed the tune.

The Dutch translation by J. Ph. Sterk appeared in 1865 in a collection of songs published by the Salon des Variétés in Amsterdam. It is printed in various student almanacs shortly afterward.

Other lyrics set to this melody are almost all songs for parties, weddings or students. The most famous of these is called 'Waar is het Keesje', which in its turn served as the model for other new songs. In some places, including The Hague, the melody was also known as a children's song.

'Henri's drinking song' is performed by Joost Prinsen, accompanied on the piano by Kees Schul.

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