Broadside ballads > 9. Wij leven vrij wij leven blij - We live freely we live happily

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Life is good on Dutch soil, because freedom reigns there. The lyric for this patriotic song was written by J. Brand van Cabauw, Esq., who won a prize with it. In the same 1815 contest in which 'Wie Nederlands bloed' won the prize for best serious national anthem, 'Wij leven vrij' was awarded the prize for best cheerful anthem. The melody was composed by Johann Wilhelm Wilms.

'Wij leven vrij' became a quick success, which is demonstrated most clearly by other lyrics that appeared to this melody, some of which parodied the original song. Like this one, for instance: 'Wij leven vrij, wij drinken blij' ('We live freely, we drink happily').

A parody of the song is sung by Marc Krone, accompanied by Bouke Feleus on piano.

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