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 Publication of Klein JanThe most famous printer and vendor of Dutch broadsides was Klein Jan, from the early eighteenth century. This 'merry vendor' from Amsterdam wrote song lyrics himself, and sold them in broadsides or books with his dogcart. We know of Klein Jan and his colleagues because their names were often printed at the bottom of the broadsides.

Amsterdam was an important production centre for broadsides in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, especially the Jordaan neighbourhood. Printers like Holst (on the Egelantiersgracht and other locations), Van de Linden, Van de Geer (both on the Egelantiersgracht), Vislaake (on the Rozenstraat), and Wendel (on the Anjeliersgracht) are represented by dozens of broadsides. Other cities also had famous printers, like Ulrich and De Koning from Rotterdam. The printer with the greatest number of publications in the collection is F. Rombouts from Roosendaal.

The collections of Moormann and Wouters consist mostly of broadsides from the northern Netherlands. The vast number of broadsides from the southern Netherlands (now part of Belgium) therefore remains underexposed. Family business Van Paemel in Gent manages a collection of broadsides that fills part of this gap.

A substantial part of the broadsides was published anonymously or under a false address. One of the reasons for this is that heavy sanctions were applied to the production of unwholesome songs in these unsettled times.

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