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 Freek de Jonge during the recordingsPreacher's son Freek de Jonge (Eenrum, Westernieland 1944) grew up in Eenrum, Workum and then Goes, after which he moved to Amsterdam to study at the university. There, he met Bram Vermeulen, with whom he formed the duo 'Neerlands Hoop in Bange Dagen' at the start of his career. Together, they took the Dutch world of cabaret by storm. Their collaboration ended in 1979.

Freek continued as a solo performer, establishing his position as the number one cabaret performer with a magisterial series of theatre shows. He has also been active as a writer, actor and TV host, among other things.

Music has been an important connecting thread throughout his career. He even reached number one position of the Dutch hit parade in the summer of 1997 with his song 'Leven na de dood' ('Life after death'). In his recent shows, he has taken a special interest in early cabaret, doing a great deal of singing accompanied by his own combo.

Songs in the Top 30:
Daar komen de schutters - Here come the shooters

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