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 Louis Peter Grijp during the recordingsLouis Peter Grijp (Den Haag 1954) studied musicology at the University of Utrecht University, and studied guitar and lute at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. He is currently attached to the Meertens Institute in Amsterdam as special researcher, working on Dutch song culture in past and present. The Dutch Song Bank was one of his initiatives. He is also a professor at the university's Musicology department.

Grijp is creative director and lute player of the ensemble Camerata Trajectina, which is specialised in Dutch music from the Middle Ages up to the Golden Age.

Songs in the Top 30:
Kolijn een brave boerenzoon - Kolijn, an honest farmer's son (guitar)
O Holland schoon gij leeft in vrede - Oh beautiful Holland thou liv'st in peace (double bass)
Overschotje- Leftovers (guitar)
Moeder ik kan je niet missen - Mother, I can't live without you (guitar)
Dat gaat naar Den Bosch toe - On his way to Den Bosch (double bass)

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