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 Marc Krone during the recordingsMarc Krone was schooled at the Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting in New York, where he has acted in the William Redfield Theatre and the No Smoking Playhouse. He was technical director of both these theatres for two years.

Upon his return to the Netherlands, he acted with the American Repertory Theatre and 'Poëzie hardop' ('Poetry Aloud'), while producing his own plays as well. From 1984, he was a member of theatre group 'Werkteater' for seven years, and he directed the 'superstreetperformertheatreshow', Since 1998, he has collaborated with Josef Willems as the 'Duo Scavotti', performing Dutch repertoire.

In recent years he has performed in many musicals, including 'De Jantjes', 'Titanic', and '3 Musketeers'. He participates in countless productions for TV, radio and the stage, and has also directed the stage production 'Om alles' ('For everything') about the life and work of theatre legend Fien de la Mar.

Songs in the Top 30:
Wij leven vrij wij leven blij - We live happily we live freely
God save the king
In de Nes daar moet je wezen - The Nes is the place to be

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