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Mieke Stemerdink during the recordingsMieke Stemerdink (Doetinchem) studied light music in Hilversum. While still a student, she already caused a stir as the extravagant vocalist of pop band De Gigantjes. This swinging musical group served as the house orchestra for the TV programme Nachtshow (1986-1987) and developed into one of the most popular live acts in the Netherlands.

In the year 2000, Stemerdink founded Mieke Giga's New Swing Show, a 17-headed big band with which she undertook a theatre tour in 2001. Among many other places, they performed at the North Sea Jazz Festival. 'La Giga' also performs regularly with her own Smartlappenband (Tearjerker Band), which performs classics like 'Dokter Bernhard' tongue-in-cheek.

Songs in the Top 30:
Als ik naar je blinde ogen kijk - Looking into your blind eyes
Waar de blanke top der duinen - Where the white tops of the dunes (with Jeroen Zijlstra)
Zusje, kun je mij soms ook vertellen - Sister, could you tell me (with Suze van Grootel)

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