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The items of the Collection of Regional Costumes on view are administered by the Netherlands Open Air Museum. They are part of the Queen Wilhelmina Collection owned by the House of Orange Nassau Historic Collections Trust, the National Collection and the documentary collections of the Open Air Museum.

The selection of in total [totaal aantal objecten invullen] items gives the widest possible picture of the objects the Open Air Museum houses in the field of Dutch regional costumes.
The photographs of the three-dimensional items, such as pieces of clothing and jewelry, accessories and paintings, were taken in the museum. In order to do so within a limited period of time, these items were photographed exactly as they came out of storage: on a flat surface or on a simple stand, as single items against a neutral background.

The data accompanying the photographs originate from the museum’s records at a given moment in time. Certain items are described in more detail than others. As many details as possible from the old paper records were incorporated in this project’s digital data bank, while extra references were added as well, facilitating searching by item or by theme.

The museum welcomes any supplementary information that will contribute to further knowledge about the collection. Though such information cannot be added to this site, it will be entered into the museum’s records.

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