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Vincent van Gogh: letters, art, and context was commissioned by the Education & Visitor Services Department of the Van Gogh Museum.

'Sunflowers', Vincent van Gogh

Project management
Marianne Peereboom

Content management
Adrienne Quarles van Ufford  
Marieke Uildriks

Nienke Bakker

Selection and metadata
Helewise Berger
Patricia Schuil

Transcriptions of the letters
The transcriptions of the Dutch letters  written to and by Vincent van Gogh and the Dutch translation of the letters written in French are taken from the new edition of his complete correspondence: Vincent van Gogh – The Letters. The Complete Illustrated and Annotated Edition. Edited by Leo Jansen, Hans Luijten, Nienke Bakker. Published by the Van Gogh Museum, the Huygens Institute-KNAW, Mercator Fund and Amsterdam University Press. International co-editions with Thames & Hudson and Actes Sud (2009).

Translations: © 2009 Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam; Huygens Institute, The Hague; Mercator Fund, Brussels

Other transcriptions: Fieke Pabst

Lesson plan coordination
René van Blerk

David McKay (web pages)
Irene Smets (letters in French)

Digitisation and image processing
Pictura Imaginis, Heiloo
Maurice Tromp (Kleurgamma BV, Amsterdam)

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