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  • The collection 'Women in action!' is but one of many collections of the IIAV. All of the institute's collections and databases can be accessed through the website www.iiav.nl.
  • If you want more information about one of the most famous Dutch feminists and her battle for issues like suffrage and peace, then please visit the website dedicated to Aletta Jacobs (1854-1929): www.alettajacobs.org
  • You can find more information on 'The dissatisfaction of women' and the life and work of Joke Smit (1933-1981) at: www.emancipatie.nl/_documenten/js/jsframe.htm
  • Current news about women and their social position can be found at: www.vrouweninfo.nl
  • The IIAV website also offers information about black, migrant and refugee women: www.iiav.nl. Click on the database 'Gender and ethnicity' in the Digital Information Centre column
  • News on emancipation policy, emancipation files, news reports and links to other emancipation site: www.emancipatie.nl
  • The national government's emancipation website: www.emancipatieweb.nl

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