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Portrait of actrice Charlotte Köhler (1892-1977)

Van der Randen was one of the staff photographers of De Spaarnestad. He made an important contribution to coverage and features in magazines such as Panorama, Katholieke Illustratie and Limburg in Beeld.

His passion for his work, his smooth journalistic style and, in particular, his photographic talent made him the figure head of the company. He became known as the chronicler of the so-called Rijke Roomse Leven (Rich Roman Catholic Life). He served an extensive readership with weekly reports and articles through the publications of Spaarnestad.

He had a striking presence. He regularly went to work in a suit and bow tie. This, along with his exuberant attitude and jovial appearance, meant that he was a well-liked figure among his fellow photographers, including those of other denominations.

His photographs show the community spirit and social relationships. He also knew how to capture an expression at the right moment, showing how involved Van der Randen was with his subject. He managed to tell a story through his images even though he appeared to be an outsider. 

His lens was particularly focused on subjects in the Catholic southern part of the Netherlands where his roots lay. z . Through his work he ensured that the social, charitable and religious aspects in the Katholieke Illustratie were illustrated in a sensitive manner. o.

The Haque, Scheveningse bosjes (Woods of Scheveningen) (1934)

As a gentleman photographer he also felt at home in the world of Dutch politics in The Hague at the time. He had absolutely no problems with a general coverage. Current news, people and their daily work, artists, theater, industry developments, the Dutch army and the Royal Family were all aptly featured.

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