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?All the texts and images on view on this site originate from the Ver Huell Collection of the Leiden Regional Archives. The collection was donated to the archives in 1904 by Dr C.E. Daniëls and consists primarily of editions illustrated by the artist and writer Alexander Ver Huell.

The Ver Huell Collection of the Leiden Regional Archives is quite varied, both with regard to items and to content. The Collection mainly includes lithographs of Ver Huell’s drawings published in book form, accompanied by shorter or lengthier explanatory texts. The drawings originate from different periods in his life and reflect to a large extent the frame of mind of the artist. The early work is considerably more light-hearted than the later work, when he became ever more sombre. Humour is present in Zoo zijn er! and Op het ijs. After 1850, that humour gave way to idealism and melancholy. Publications with titles such as Zijn er zoo? (1851), In den rook des tijds (1856) and Tydspiegel-phantasien (1858) are from this period.

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