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Graphic designer, visual artist and typographer Jurriaan Schrofer (The Hague 1926 - Amsterdam 1990) met Dick Elffers in the late 1940s. For some time he worked as his assistant.
In 1952, Schrofer joined the Meijer printing company in Wormerveer. He studied typography with the Monotype machine. After that, Schrofer worked independently. In 1972 he became Partner Director at Total Design. He kept that position until 1979.

Schrofer worked as a lecturer at various art academies and held numerous management positions, such as the Bound Art Federation (GKf) and Graphic Designers Netherlands (GVN).

Characteristic of his work are mathematical forms. He had a great urge to order and make series. At the same time, he was not afraid of the spontaneous. Schrofer's work betrays a great love for typography. Throughout his life he has searched for the boundary between form and functionality of characters. Words became autonomous objects under his hands. Especially renowned are the special paper-cut letter forms.

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