Dutch Automotive History

A collection of the Nederlands Centrum voor Autohistorische Documentatie

The Netherlands Centre for Documentation on Automotive History (Dutch only)  (NCAD) is based in Helmond and manages, among other, the collections of workshop manuals, car photos and brochures of the ANWB (The Royal Dutch Touring Club) and Olyslager. The NCAD manages more than 2000 metres of automotive documentation and archives that is easily accessible to a broad audience.

Lincoln Cosmopolitan, 1950

A selection of historically interesting, visually appealing and representative items representing the Dutch automotive history has been digitized for the Memory of the Netherlands. These include passenger cars dating back to 1910, ambulances from 1960 as well as the first Spyker sports cars, trailers and DAF lorries. The selection is comprised of several thousand press photos and brochures. The selection covers the period from ca. 1900 to 1980: the ‘classic cars’.

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