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'Hooray, long live the good health of our people. This is the cup of love: it's an antidote for pain.' This well-known student song originated in the Netherlands. The author and composer are unknown. The melody shows some similarities to the medieval student song 'a, a, a, valeta' from Leuven.

'Io vivat' is recorded in many student almanacs and songbooks, especially those of the nineteenth century. Many other lyrics have been set to this melody. Judging from their contents, they were sung loudly by groups at fraternity gatherings, where the gin featured in the song flowed freely. But the song was also considered appropriate for use at quiet, patriotic civil celebrations and memorial services.

This song, which is still popular in student circles, is performed here by De Lullo's: the characters Kamphuys, Van Binsbergen and Kerstens from the satirical TV programme Jiskefet. They sing the Latin lyric followed by the Dutch lyric.. Bouke Feleus accompanies them on piano.

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